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Name  관리자   (koreaballoon@koreaballoon.org)
Date  2007년 03월 05일


For each sub-class the size categories are the following:

250 m3 and less AA-1 AX-1 AM-1 AS-1 AT-1

250 m3 to 400 m3 AA-2 AX-2 AM-2 AS-2 AT-2

400 m3 to 600 m3 AA-3 AX-3 AM-3 AS-3 AT-3

600 m3 to 900 m3 AA-4 AX-4 AM-4 AS-4 AT 4

900 m3 to 1 200 m3 AA-5 AX-5 AM-5 AS-5 AT-5

1 200 m3 to 1 600 m3 AA-6 AX-6 AM-6 AS-6 AT-6

1 600 m3 to 2 200 m3 AA-7 AX-7 AM-7 AS-7 AT-7

2 200 m3 to 3 000 m3 AA-8 AX-8 AM-8 AS-8 AT-8

3 000 m3 to 4 000 m3 AA-9 AX-9 AM-9 AS-9 AT-9

4 000 m3 to 6 000 m3 AA-10 AX-10 AM-10 AS-10 AT-10

6 000 m3 to 9 000 m3 AA-11 AX-11 AM-11 AS-11 AT-11

9 000 m3 to 12 000 m3 AA-12 AX-12 AM-12 AS-12 AT-12

12 000 m3 to 16 000 m3 AA-13 AX-13 AM-13 AS-13 AT-13

16 000 m3 to 22 000 m3 AA-14 AX-14 AM-14 AS-14 AT-14

Above 22 000 m3 AA-15 AX-15 AM-15 AS-15 AT-15

2.1.1 Class A, free balloons shall be divided into five sub-classes, each containing 15 categories
according to size. The sub-classes are the following: Sub-class AA: Free balloons, not equipped with an airborne heater, which obtain their
buoyancy from a lighter-than-air gas, without pressurisation of the envelope. Sub-class AX: Free balloons which obtain their buoyancy solely as a result of heating air.
The envelope may contain no gases other than air and the normal products of combustion. Sub-class AM: Free balloons which use both a lighter-than-air gas and an airborne heater,
without pressurisation of any envelope. Sub-class AS: Free balloons which use a lighter-than-air gas and are designed to allow
sufficient pressurisation of the envelope to affect performance substantially. Sub-class AT: Free balloons not falling into subclasses AA, AX, AM or AS

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