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FAI Members
Name  관리자   (koreaballoon@koreaballoon.org)
Date  2010년 10월 28일

FAI Members

Current list of FAI Members.

Member-countries are represented in FAI by their principal National Airsport Control organisation. With nearly 100 members, FAI brings together at international level representatives of all air sport disciplines. FAI members are categorized as follows:

  • Active Members, being those organisations which represent all the disciplines practised in their respective country,
  • Associate Members, which represent only one discipline. There can be no more than two associate members in a given country without their forming a national organisation and becoming an Active Member,
  • Temporary Members, being those national organisations which intend to become an Active or Associate Member of FAI but are not yet in a position to fulfill all the rights and duties of those members,
  • International Affiliate Members, other international organisations sharing common goals with FAI.

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